Beyond modern management: A new world of business and information technology

Beyond modern management: A new world of business and information technology


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North Korea threatens US/South Korea ships monitoring the peninsula?

Question by SDRAM: North Korea threatens US/South Korea ships monitoring the peninsula?

This is not the first time either. All the while, people here continue fooling themselves with statements such as “The nuclear tests are none of America’s business” and “If the US can have nukes, why can’t North Korea?” time after time after North Korea threatens the US and its allies in East Asia. Hasn’t North Korea proven by now that they can not be trusted with this kind of technology?
Couldn’t come up with an intelligence answer, Leon?

Best answer:

Answer by davec
People don’t understand the dynamics involved. That or they don’t want to know. Most of them just want to watch their NASCAR race or a baseball game and not be bothered with things that don’t affect them. Little do they know.

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Should I choose IT or Accountant?

Question by Hermann: Should I choose IT or Accountant?
Hello I am currently planning and probably will be going back to school in January or so. But I am not sure what career choice to pick between IT (networking and programming) vs Accounting. Personally I like computers and have had much enjoyment modifying my own computer and programs in my own time and the technology interests me………….

But on the practical and economical side, I believe that (at least according to my research) accounting is better for long term stability and social security, with a work environment I like. Unlike some people, I actually appreciate being in a cubicle.

What do I like better? If I can choose I would choose IT. Is it wise? Well many and I mean many experienced IT professionals have been warning me against it due to the infamous H1B-visa, outsourcing and the fact the a huge monopoly is being played out in the high-tech industry and having their decisions and risky ones made by non-IT professionals seems damaging the IT industry along with HR folks demanding unrealistic requirements on IT.

Logically when you include all the pros and cons it would seem that choosing Accountancy would be a better choice because accounting is in better demand right.

To me it seems something is wrong when IT is repelling away even the most dedicated of employees. Like I said, IT is interesting to me, but the negative factors are truly overwhelming in this field. And yes I am aware that IT is a broad field, but the average job requirement wants you to have the entire package (support, programming, networking, and anything relevant to IT) and constantly re-train on the whole package every 6-months for newer technologies.

As much as a tech guru I can be, I think this is TOO extreme for me assuming the HR is serious about those extreme requirements and usually for very low pay, being on call and stuff.

Any IT professional here want to confirm this? Do you think accounting is a better choice?? I chose Accounting because I do enjoy the business “environment” of it and that its in my curiosity interest to learn how businesses is run from the finance side of things. And somehow I actually enjoy being in a cubicle.


Best answer:

Answer by drogers2732
I was in your same position going into college, trying to chose between those two majors. The first thing you need to be aware of is that both of those jobs are not what they are stereotyped to be.

Accountants aren’t bean counters anymore just working away at journals and ledgers all day, the advances in technology has done away with a lot of that. While there is still some of that type stuff, a lot of accountants work in cross-functional teams and they are very useful because accounting is the language of business and their opinion tends to be very valued because firms revolve around money so why not have a money guy helping you out in every aspect.

IT is not a dying field that was killed by outsourcing, most of the jobs that went over seas are the highly technical and monotonous jobs that you wouldn’t want if you spent all that money on a college degree. IT professionals now are mostly used as analysts or consulting within a company. Technology has taken over aspect of business so you need a tech guy in every aspect of your business.

*You really can’t go wrong with either choice, just make sure to take classes on both subjects early to determine which one you prefer. You can ask other people’s opinion all you want, and you should, but this is really the best way.*

If you doubt the job prospects just go to, it’s the website the federal government uses to post job opportunities, and look at all the accounting and IT professionals they are hiring.

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